Meet the Cast: Gillian Mackay-Smith

GMSheadshot2Gillian Mackay-Smith is grateful to be performing for the first time with Project:Project. Recent local performances include M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias at the Footlight Club and Mommy in The Embryos with Fresh Ink Theatre Company.  Other projects this year include the One-Minute Play Festival, Thorns at ImprovBoston, and the Mad Dash.  She received the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film at the 2009 British Film Festival Los Angeles for her work in The Beverages.   She studied acting with Lindsay Crouse, at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland, and studies voice with Justin Petersen.  Gillian is looking forward to her next role as Mama Mystery in the new play Outlaw Jean by MJ Kaufman with Fresh Ink. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Performance from Northeastern University.  Many thanks to the cast and crew for such a wonderful experience, and to her family and friends near and far for their unwavering encouragement, love and support.

* * *

What was the first piece of technology you remember using? What was your favorite (or least favorite) thing about it?
I remember watching the Wizard of Oz on our brand new VHS player when I was around four (1986 or thereabouts).  I remember the idea of being able to watch a movie whenever we wanted instead of waiting for it to be on TV was huge.
What piece of obsolete technology do you still use? Why?
Probably sending letters via snail mail…in cursive. I always enjoy sitting down and starting a letter.  And I write in cursive because I worked so freaking hard on it in third grade that I refuse to admit to its obsolescence.
What is your favorite social network and why?
Definitely Facebook.  It’s my main means of communications with so many of my friends and family.  It’s a bit like my daily newspaper – checking in on what everyone’s up to, baby photos, updates, etc.
What has been your most moving experience with technology? Were you overwhelmed, touched, in awe? 
My boyfriend died of cancer in January 2013, and I was amazed at the outpouring of love and support from people all over the country and abroad.  When people found out he was in the hospital and didn’t have much time left, they started sharing stories, jokes, conversations he’d had with them via email or GChat, etc., not only with me but throughout his community, on blogs, etc., the links to which were then shared on Facebook  Then on the day he died, a friend created an avatar with his initials and made it his profile picture.  The avatar spread like wildfire and suddenly it was as if my entire friends list had the same profile picture.  I was overwhelmed to discover that friends of mine were making connections with other friends who they didn’t know, but knew him somehow.  People from very different walks of my life and other’s lives were suddenly connected because of how many lives he was able to touch during his life.  It was truly amazing to discover how small the world really is.  I relied so heavily on Facebook and the messages, wall posts and photos helped me get through this devastating time.
If you could add one new button to Facebook, what would it be?
Maybe “facepalm”?  Or “eyeroll”…something in that vein.
If you were to create a 5-song mixed tape to share with the world via the Internet, what would be on it? What would you title it? 
Everything’s Gonna Be All Right Click here to listen!
  • Some Days – Audra McDonald
  • Goodnight and Go – Imogen Heap
  • Overjoyed – Stevie Wonder
  • Copperline – James Taylor
  • Holiday in Spain – Counting Crows

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